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52174NeilCrumpSallyVan Sickle
82216RogerStraussEveKofskyEvery ride is our best tandem experience.
92218RichGramannMaryKragieClimbing "Going to the Sun" Road in Glacier National Park
132226PaulTateJennieTatethe GAP Trail, First time unsupported and rained 8 out of 11 days
152230RoyNeulichtAnnNeulichtWorst: riding in sleet and snow in the Netherlands Best: Going to the Sun Road, Glacier National Park (trip goal!)
162232JorgePoliakSofiaPoliakHaving my wife as my turbo stoker..... no bad experiences,,,,,
172234JeffHollansworthDarlaHollansworthHut to Hut endo into quick sand!
212242KevinKingAmyKingRiding the last 10 miles of a 40 mile ride into the remnants of Hurricane Barry which had moved much faster than forecast. It was an exhausting ride and we crashed hard one block from the finish.
252252CurtLupoDariaGalClimbing Mt. Ventoux, France
272260RegUllmannMicheleUllmannBest; I was going to Austin for a couple of years in a row to do a charity ride with some very good friends. The three of us all rode single bikes at the time. Then one year Michele and I showed up with a tandem. The next year they both had tandems and are now part of your host committee this week.
282264LarryLinzerDebbieLinzerNew zealand
292266WaltCampbellKathyCampbellBest - The scenery on Horsey 100 in 2019. Worst - our 2 wrecks - both fracturing various stoker bones.
302268George E.ScottMary TeddAllenMany close calls but no accidents, thank goodness. Climbing Mt. Ventoux in 2013 was a real high point for us!
312270AllanButtonSarahButtonGetting a drink at a rest stop at about mile 60 on a century ride, having just come down a long descent at over 35 mph. Suddenly heard a loud bang. Our front tire had just exploded! We got lucky. We also got a free new tire and finished the ride.
332274TonyScherfKarenScherfRiding the Hotter than Hell in Wichita Falls Tx. It was not HOT! and was wonderful people watching
342276TimCoheeAnitaCoheeCycling in the pouring rain for 55 miles along the coast of Italy, but it was warm, great road, no traffic, it was a 10.
352278EdAllenDonnaAllenBEST - Cycling cruises. WORST - Captain inertial control errors.
362280ErnestCooseReginaCooseBest: Shortly after we bought our tandem and joined the Dallas Area Tandem Enthusiasts, a new friend invited us to join his cycle tour to Ireland. We never anticipated going on a cycle tour, so we hadn’t bought a travel bike. We sent off our brand-new tandem to be sawed into pieces to install couplers. It worked out fine and was well worth it. We’re still close to the tandem friends we made on that trip. Worst: We retired in Spring 2015 to make the most of cycling season, including the SWTR and a couple of bike tours. On Day 1 of our retirement, we had a tandem accident and Ernie broke his leg. We had to cancel everything. Ernie spent the summer on crutches.
372282BillRyderSallyRyderFrance 1997
382286BillMendropDebbieMendropCrashed on the Euro Velo bike trail just outside of Budapest Hungry.
422296GeorgeMacNabbPatMacNabbIn 2017, for our 40th anniversary, I booked a tandem cycling cruise (our first international tandem trip) from Prague to Budapest on the Danube River. At the welcome dinner, the night before our scheduled departure, we were informed that the ship had lost one engine and was stuck in Vienna. Obviously my wife and I, and many others, were quite upset that our cruise ship was not going to move and instead would become our floating hotel for the next 9 days. We were offered a full refund, but we were already in Prague, so we decided to stick it out. The tour company went above and beyond to make the best of a very bad situation, and as a result we became close friends with the many other tandem teams that found themselves (pardon the pun) "in the same boat"! As a result about 18 teams from that trip did do an actual cruise from Nice, France, around the island of Corsica and on to Rome, Italy in the fall of 2018. All went well and there was further bonding between the many teams from our fist trip. One team turned us one to the Georgia Tandem Rally (GTR - 2020 will be the 21st year and our 3rd time). In June 2019 about 6 teams from the "Broken Boat Cruise" attended the Eastern Tandem Rally (ETR) on Boston's North Shore. An absolutely beautiful area, just watch out for all the potholes. We have done many EHCT's (Easter Hill County Tour) out of Kerrville , TX on our single bikes and look forward to experiencing the area on our tandem. I dare anyone to try and keep a proper count of the number of cattle guards you cross over.
442300MikeBakerSueBakerBest experience was our first tandem group ride in Clarksville, TX in 2008. The worst part was on the same group ride when a feral pig and her squealing piglets ran out in front of our group and we almost had a mass pileup. Luckily no one went down.
462307KenPowellLisaPowellSix flats in one day with 100 plus degree temps in the Ukraine.
472309TomHoworthLuciaHoworthOne of our best memories was descending Haleakala volcano on Maui after watching the sunrise with 75 other tandem teams!
482311HarryThompsonJanetteThompsonThe best experience is relative. But anytime we get to ride the tandem, it is a pretty good day. We were on the Icefields Parkway in Canada coming down the mountain at 40 mph when we blew the back tire. I managed to get the bike stopped without crashing but it chewed up the back wheel and effectively ended our tour. Luckily, there was only ride day left.
532322RogerMcBrideMarcieMcBrideThe two of us were in France just outside Sarlat near the Dordogne River when our trailer tire exploded. Somehow the trailers axel had been bent causing alignment of its wheel to wear and blow the tire. We uncoupled the trailer from the tandem, and found a place to hide in a ditch under lots of fallen leaves. Continuing on into Sarlat we arranged for a driver with an SUV to help fetch the trailer. In town we found a bike & farm implement store willing to straighten the axel and mount a new tire. Negotiations were a mixture of French, English, pointing and smiling, but the bent axel and blown tire explained themselves. We spent an extra day there, enjoying the city, and then picked up our expertly repaired trailer and continued on our journey.
542324MikeScherfSherylScherfRiding the Acadia carriage paths in autumn.
552326StevenHendricksMary AllynWatson
562328BobSchuttSuzanneSchuttDriving car under an awning with tandem on top of car
572330KenKardaArleenSakamotoCA to ME cross country was the best bike ride period.
582332JimBodennerSueBodennerWe have met the nicest people through our tandem club. We also belong to a Corvette club with nice people. The difference between the two clubs is food...Corvette members ride to find an eatery with a lot of good food.....Tandem members are more concerned about the route and staying healthy always sharing healthy food ideas.
622340BillMcDermottKarrieMcDermottFirst ride was the best.... A-Ha! I get it!
632342RonnieBryantNanetteBryantRode to our wedding on Singles and finished the ride on the Tandem after the wedding.
642344KenWallaceSusanWallaceEvery day we get to ride the tandem is a good day.
662348PaulGrundmannMichelleGrundmannI was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and started chemo. I didn’t have enough strength to ride a single bike. A friend contacted a group that donated a tandem bike to me. Best day of my life. I can continue riding with my husband.
692354DavidGregoryJulieGregoryCaptain's pedal cranks came loose on one of our first rides and we had to call Uber to come and pick us up.
702360MarkMaurerMichelleMaurerDriving 1,000 miles for a total rain-out of the Southern Tandem Rally in Richmond, VA
712364MikeMahoneySusanMahoneyBest: Too many times to recount. Worst: Descending Fremont Pass in a hailstorm.
722373CySandersPamSandersGetting sprayed by a skunk early in a 100 mile bike ride
742377EddieMixonCarolynMixonBest: Vermont Bicycle Tour in Northeast Kingdom 1987. Rode across state (105 miles) to start of tour (earned the VBT discount) and rode with a great bunch of interesting, experienced riders for a week. Worst: Same VBT tour-Caught in thunderstorm on mountain road. Bought garbage bags at country store for rain jackets. Sheltered in dilapidated barn from lightning.
752379DavidBlackwellPatriciaBlackwell2019 MS 150
762381TomRatajczakRobynRatajczakBest: We were herded by a sheep dog on a country road in France when we tried to pass a herd of sheep. He nipped at our legs to move us where he wanted, but wasn't vicious...just doing his job!
782389JerryWilliamsMichelleWilliamsMy husband rode off without me at a rally.
802395ChristopherPollockHollyPollockWe had a great time riding the Hotter N' Hell 100 last year. The weather was not too hot nor was there a lot of wind. It was a pleasant ride. We took our time and did not try to race it.
842411DonaldHouleNancyHouleThere all great experience's
852417KevinVinsonLindaVinsonOur best tandem experience was riding tandem on a tour of Northern Spain. We were the only tandem on the Trek tour and we surprised all the single bikes by climbing the Pyrenees Mountains. It was a great experience being together and exploring the Catalunya Region
862419JohnChalmersMollyChalmersProbably getting hit by a car in a tunnel in Arizona. Qualifies for both categories. Mark and Andi, We have friends coming from Florida. Although we are registering, we are available to help/work in whatever capacity you might need us. Just let us know.
882423ChuckHoodChristineHoodWhen the bike broke in half and the wife passed me
902429ChrisGilchristRachelGilchristTandem tour with Andy Hampsten in Tuscany was best and worst. Best for scenery and food; worst for the incredible hills.
922443RobHernandezTeresaHernandezThis is a Stoker story: While captaining us along a country road, I told my stoker, "watch this" as I attempted to communicate with a group of donkeys standing along a fence near the road. As I gave my best HEEEEEE-HAAAAAW, the herd responded in perfect unison as we rode past. "How about that?" I asked my stoker. To which she replied..."They know a Jack-Ass when they see one pass by."
932445MattFryerJuliaFryerThe best and worst was doing the Razorback Greenway in Northwest Arkansas on the 4th of July. It was our longest ride and so beautiful which made it the best. The lack of snacks and muscle cramps made it the worst!
952449HankTheissRoxanneTheisswill send later
982468RalphPitzerSarahPitzerWe did a ride from Garner State Park thru Leakey, Vanderpool, Utopia and back to Garner - it was about 50 miles total. The climb leaving Leakey was really tough, taking an hour to make the 6+ miles to the top of the mountain, stopping 3 times to rest. On the way down, we reached a little over 50 MPH, which was exhilarating! The climb between Utopia and Garner State Park was also tough, requiring 1 rest stop. That was both our worst and best - we probably won't ever tackle that circuit again.
992481RickGappenSeleneGappenBest: All the amazing people we have met in the 2 rallies we have done so far. Worst: None yet.
1032492RobertHendersonBarbHendersonMay 2019 the Wabash Trace Trail in Iowa
1072511RandyBeallMaryBeallWe met a couple at the Georgetown SWTR. One the first day our tires hit some gravel and we went down. Sadly, we took our new friends down with us!
1082522SteveRobertsonElaineRobertsonWe trained for an MS 150 with our kids. Elaine and I rode the tandem and our children rode a triplet. Unfortunately, two of the kids got sick right before the ride and we were not able to participate.
1092530ScooterConnerMary AliceConnerWe loved doing Enchanted Circle Ride in New Mexico
1142588JeffreyWheelerDianeWheelerOur best was the SWTR in Arkansas and our worst was The Tyler Halloween ride were we had 3 flats and destroyed our wheel.
1162633JimTiceDianeDuelferI get to ride with my wife and stoker every day!!!
1182640ToddGonitzkeAudreyForknerNone bad ones yet
1192641DougMillerBeckyDayNo bad memories, all great ones
1222664HughReevesBeckyReevesFinishing climbing Mount Ventoux